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Miracle Canvas (the website affiliated with Pictorem company) is an online store for single and multi panel canvas prints. A canvas print is an image printed on canvas, stretched on a canvas stretcher, and fully ready for hanging in a room.

Modern multi panel canvas prints display a high quality image. If, for example, you were to print a reproduction of a painting on canvas, it would be very difficult to distinguish the print from the original − you get a crisp and clean image.

We offer an image bank with over 35 million choices, among which you can be sure to find exactly the image you need. Any of our images can be used to create a multi panel canvas print, and search results are grouped into categories so that you can easily make your choice.

Selecting an image for your multi panel canvas print is the first stage.

The next stage is for you to determine the parameters of the multi panel canvas print. You can use online editor to select the desired size and shape of the canvas print and immediately see a simulation of your print in an interior space all from the comfort of your own browser.

A canvas print can be in a classical integral form:



or consist of several parts:


After receiving your order, we immediately begin production. In brief, the production stages consist of printing an image on canvas and stretching the image on a canvas stretcher.

The canvas print is printed with large-format printer with pigmented eco-friendly ink on cotton canvas of high-density, ideal for printing museum-quality materials. With a pigmented ink, a multi panel canvas print can immediately be hung in the room after production − no smell of paint or solvent remains.

Then canvas is stretched on canvas stretchers and fastened on the backside with iron cramps:


We put fasteners at the very end, which are used for hanging the multi panel canvas print on the wall: D-rings (metal rings in the shape of the letter D) or «crocodiles».

The canvas side surfaces, which are bent on a stretcher, are printed with the image itself to ensure the image is whole when viewed from either side:





The configurator can be used to create multi panel canvas prints of many shapes and sizes, here are some examples:









and even:


The video shows the basic principles of working with the configurator.




We usually take around 10 working days to finalize the production of your creations.

To search for canvas prints, start by choosing an appropriate category on the home page of our site. For example, beautiful landscapes, or upload your image.

Please use [email protected] to contact us.