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In the About the Project section, we explained in details what prints are and how they are assembled. Here we will show you how to work with the site itself and create prints, and we will also show you the process of placing an order.

To begin with, let’s show the standard way of selecting images, shapes of print, and the ordering process in general.




However, if we want to configure a print by ourselves, we will have to go a little deeper into understanding the logic of the configurator. Let’s look at how to work with it in more details.


The video shows the basic principles of working with the configurator.




We use different canvas wrap types.

If there is something you still don’t understand, do not be afraid to experiment with the configurator. You can at any point undo any wrong action using the Undo button.

To understand something in more details, you can always contact us. For this, use the green button at the top of the page.

Enjoy your creativity!